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Rethymno is the capital of the prefecture of the same name. Rethymno, like Heraklion was also under the control of the Venetians for many years. It is a very graphic town with beautiful sights. In this town we can see the “old town” which is famous for its narrow streets and for the fort, which was built in 1590, which protected the town from pirates and the Turks. It is located at the top of a low hill named “Palaiokastro“. The name “Palaiokastro” means 'The old Castle" and it was in use even by the Venetians which demonstrates the existance of an even older castle at this place. - Probably the acropolis of the ancient town of Rithymna. The interior of Fortezza accommodated the following basic buildings: the storeroom of the artillery, where canons and weapons were kept, the residence of the Councillors, where one of the city's two Venetian councillors lived, the residence of the Rector, which represented a luxurious, magnificent building in the central square of the fortress. Today parts of those buildings, as well as of some others built later, can be seen. The view from up there is magnificent, especially at night. The municipal theatre "Erofili" stands also at Fortezza's premises. It is an outdoor theatre that hosts almost all the performances during the Renaissance Festival.

Historical Sights

With our Rethumno car hire service, you’ll be able to explore the historical sights of this province. East of Rethymno you can find Moni Arkadiou. The Monastery has been a continuous and inseparable part of the Cretan history during the last eight centuries. The Monastery multi-faceted deed unfolds in the passage of time. Sources show that the Monastery had been a centre of education and manuscripts copying. They also produced needlework embroidered with gold during the 17th and 18th centuries dazzling the whole world. The Monastery battled against conquerors and inspired the whole world. The sacrifice of the people living and dying there affected and attracted the attention of the rest of the world. The Cretan occupation by the Turks occurred during the prosperity of the Monastery. The monks participated in the 1821 Revolt and play a leading part in the events. The first havoc was on the way. It is then that the Monastery is ransacked and abandoned by the monks for a small period of time. However, they return soon. The highest offer of the Monastery is its self-sacrifice, heroism and pious altruism. It is the Holocaust of November 8th 1866. The Monastery gave its fights against slavery. It managed to shake off the traces that the enemy fiercely desired to settle and succeeded in changing the course of the Cretan history. Ever since the Monastery has endured the brunt of the history on its shoulders and continues taking part in the battles which followed the much afflicted island of Crete and strives in all possible ways to meet the expectations of its glory past. Another monastery worth a visit which ruled in the middle ages is the monastery Bosakos.

The independence that offers a rented car from InterCar allows you to visit whenever you choose the monastery of Holy Cross in Vosako, which is built in a small plateau between the peaks Koutroulis and Mesokofinas of the Talean Mountains, 50km east of Rethymno. The monastery can be accessed by car via the village Doxaro and the rough landscape is amazing. There is a second road starting from Sisses village. Vosako name comes from the abbreviation of the greek words vous (buff) and sakos (fold) and means cattle pen, as the plateau probably was used for feeding cattle. The monastery is built like a fortress and the main temple (Katholiko) is dedicated to the Holy Cross (Timios Stavros). Up until the late 90s, the monastery was completely deserted and ruined, but today it has been restored and is operates normally. The buildings are located on two levels with two courtyards. The main temple is built on the south courtyard. Outside the temple stands a beautiful Venetian fountain, while the main entrance is imposing. The monastery played an important revolutionary role against the Turks, so it was twice destroyed by them.

Driving with your car on the road to Previli, you can find a gorge where you can stop to relax and admire the lake which lays parallel to the road and may also visit another beautiful small monastery which is located next to the rocks there.

Eating Out in Rethymno

In general, cuisine is good in all restaurants in Rethymno. From taverns to classy restaurants you will be amazed by the variety of choices. The atmosphere, the food quality and the warm reception will definitely be strongly impressed on your memory.

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